Breakfast Folk aims to provide an opportunity for anyone, including children, to take part in live folk music.

Sessions take place on the first and third saturday of the month in a church hall in South Gosforth (when/where link).  The idea is to provide an informal environment for beginners of any age to practice playing live folk music with other musicians.  Other family members, friends and relatives are all welcome to come along, and for those who can’t play an instrument then come for a coffee and enjoy the music (or start to learn one!).

Sessions run from approximately 10-11 a.m.  The first half will focus on a few set tunes which will be posted on the ‘Latest News’ section.  The set tunes will change from week to week so keep up-to-date via this website and when possible the music will be available (Sheet Music link) and/or sheet music provided on saturday mornings.  Most of the arrangements are sets of instrumental hornpipes, jigs, reels or airs played in one of the common keys of A, G or D – we will usually try to provide guitar chords and open-string fiddle music too.

Typical folk instruments include fiddle, accordion, melodeon, whistle, flute, northumbrian pipes, guitar and mandolin, but any instrument would be welcome.  There can be a huge range of abilities playing at Breakfast Folk sessions: from toddlers playing toy instruments, young children playing ‘open-string’ fiddle, older children playing the melody, right through to very experienced musicians improvising harmonies – anything goes!

After playing through the set tunes the remainder of the session is less formal and an opportunity for a playaround.  Children will be encouraged to play a favourite tune if they want, but often the lure of toast and playing in the hall is more attractive by this point, and the adults have an opportunity for a few tunes in a more trad session style.

Why not pop along this Saturday and kick-start your weekend with some live music!